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The easiest method of measuring the circumference of the neck of your dog ( A ) is by using a flexible measuring tape placed about midway down the neck.  The tape should be fairly tight around the neck without actually restricting the dog. The specifications  ...

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The easiest method of measuring the chest circumference ( B ) of your dog is by using a flexible measuring tape placed directly behind the front legs at the broadest part of the chest. The tape should be fairly tight without ..

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Unlike industrial products which offer standardised quality, leather is a natural product and therefore always bears signs of individual charm. Leather pieces are unique and their colouration and structure are affected by environmental influences such as light. With everyday use, a patina develops over time on leather products, making each piece a special, personal favourite. Leather collars, harnesses and leashes are generally more sensitive to water than, for example, a synthetic fibre product. Because of that, particularly in the beginning, some colour may rub off or there may appear to be excessive deterioration, which can make the item quickly look worn. Constant or regular contact with water is therefore not recommended. Harriet & Hudson carries a wide range of nylon and synthetic products, which are much better suited for use in damp environments. But the same rule still applies: If the item gets wet or damp, quickly drying the material, e.g. on a heater, is not advisable.

Dabbing it and drying it slowly help to preserve the quality of your product. In addition, we recommend that you prevent any moisture from remaining on the metal parts.

Our leather products go through a multitude of elaborate production steps which are what make the end product particularly special. Only hides that satisfy our requirements are processed further. To meet all later challenges that a dog poses, all leather items are further enhanced in complex processes. Reinforcement with polyamide or similar materials on the inside, as well as precise stitching, make the product reliable and secure, which is what dogs and owners of all Harriet & Hudson products provide.

Nearly all collars, harnesses and leashes from our range have a double lining of soft cow nappa leather and are therefore extremely gentle to the coat. Areas that are particularly subject to wear and tear are reinforced on the inside with synthetic and textile bands to increase resilience without impairing the softness.