About us

Harriet and Hudson specialises in providing high-quality innovative accessories for dogs including a large range of leather collars and leads from Hunter Germany. Also discover collars made from many different materials, in classic styles or with fashionable trimmings, as well as their matching harnesses and leashes.

We are an Australian owned family business run by dog lovers.

High quality is treasured – and we aim to create keepsakes

A large number of our products are produced in Germany, offering that ‘Made in Germany’ quality with conviction. 

In these times of anonymous, mass-produced goods, quality does not mean a luxury, but rather the individual requirement to provide something special when it matters. It is an expression of dedication, passion and confidence. That’s why quality is our highest goal and it defines our approach. We pursue this requirement without making any compromises – without exception and in detail. We are focused on high-quality products.

In the sourcing of new products, the key aspect is always the motivation to bring pleasure and comfort to animals and their owners, and to provide the best possible functionality.


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