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Convenience Collar

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A robust, low-maintenance collar in strong, highly visible colours - the CONVENIENCE collar is ideally designed for working with your dog. Dog training, agility work, mantrailing or simply weekend walks, the CONVENIENCE collar can tackle everything.

The CONVENIENCE collar is available in various colours, including strong neon shades. These colours are also very helpful for outdoor work, because frankly they are highly conspicuous! But even if you "just" go out walking with your dog, you'll soon find the benefits of this collar indispensable. It is manufactured from an innovative, hard-wearing plastic composite. The material is waterproof and stain-resistant; if required you can simply wash or wipe it down and it will immediately look like new again.

Along with the attractive colours, the textured overlay at the ends ensures it is really eye-catching.

The CONVENIENCE collar is available in various sizes; the width is determined in each case by the size. The collar can be complemented perfectly with one of leashes from the CONVENIENCE collection. 

Please ensure that the collar that you select is the correct size by using the ‘Measuring Instructions’ under the ‘Product Information’ link.

If the sizing is not correct then you may return the item according to our ‘Returns Policy’.  Kindly note that the cost of returning the product is your responsibility, and the freight for sending out the replacement item will be charged to you.

Length Range of Adjustment Width
35 cm 20 – 30 cm 20 mm
40 cm 25 – 35 cm 20 mm
50 cm 35 – 45 cm 25 mm
60 cm 45 – 55 cm 25 mm